Step-child syndrome

You always hear about those poor children who grow up in broken families where their parents get a divorce and then they have to acclimate to new families because their parents eventually re-marry other people. In the end, the “poor children” end up being just as normal — maybe even better off — than some kids whose parents stay together. Other times, they continue to feel sad and resentful toward their mother or father (or both) because of the new spouse that has become their new step-parent.

I have a new step-parent.

No, my mother and father are happily married.  But, I feel like I have a new step-parent.

I have had the same editor for nearly a year but as of Monday, I have a new one. I was not happy — in fact, I was very angry — at the way things were handled with my former boss’ dismissal. My new editor is aware of this awkward-ness and I feel like he is trying to not step on my toes.

How many stories can you write this week? (My answer: One. No questions were asked.) How did you guys normally operate on deadline day? Where were the files saved? Which briefs do you want to cover? – We can divide them in half.

It’s kind of like the new step-parent that wants to get his new step-child to like him, or at least accept him. Don’t get me wrong, I have no hate toward my new boss. I just kind of feel like this is what it would have been like to have grown up in one of those families …

Even today on deadline, at about 7:30 p.m., he told me I was free to go. There were still about four pages that had not been printed or proofed yet so — being the responsible reporter that I am, thank you very much — I said I was staying. Had I left when he first suggested, it would have been two whole hours early.

Oh, and I got a raise — though minimal, a raise is a raise — today by my publisher. Actually, it’s kind of freaky because my horoscope today said “Cash flow improves.” Some people are trying to get this step-child of theirs to stay in the family. Don’t they know that I can’t be bought through money?

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One thought on “Step-child syndrome

  1. My kids grow up in one of those families, and they’re fine!! No ,, really , really fine. In fact they are great. I know what you mean about the new boss, You’re just going through the ‘dance around your handbag’ phase. Soon you’ll be berating him and not feel a thing. Honest.

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